Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine, 618 Goyeau, Windsor
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Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine

Dine-in and Carry-out Filipino Restaurant. Try our Barbecue Skewers, Shanghai Eggrolls, and Filipino traditional dishes. Karaoke, night life and expansion to come later in 2014.

Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine Rating
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Spring Rolls -
deep fried ground pork and vegetables rolled in a wrapper
3 for $2.00
Okoy -
bean sprouts topped with shrimp, tofu and carrots served with spicy sauce
3 for $6.99
back to top Salad
Mango Salad -
Tossed green vegetables accented with mango strips and dressed with rice vinegar
back to top A la carte (comes with rice, salad and soup of the day)
Pork Barbecue -
delicious marinated pork grilled skewers
Chicken Barbecue -
delicious marinated chicken breast on skewers
Lechon Kawali -
deep fried pork belly
Chicken Adobo -
deep fried chicken cooked in vinegar, spices and soy sauce
back to top Noodles
Pancit Bihon -
Rice noodles cooked with chicken breast strips and vegetables
Pancit Palabok -
noodles mixed with ground pork and seafood sauce, topped with smoked fish, pork rind, boiled eggs, roasted garlic and lemon
back to top Noodle Soup
Beef Mami -
Chow Mein noodles in beef broth, topped with beef brisket, vegetables and spices
Chicken Mami -
Chow Mein noodles in chicken broth, topped with chicken, vegetables and spices
back to top Pork Entrees
Menudo -
Pork stew combined with vegetables and spices
Dinuguan w/ Rice Cakes -
Filipino savory stew of pork simmered in a rich, spicy dark gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili, and vinegar
Pork Barbecue -
marinated pork skewers
3 for $6.99
Sinugba -
Barbecued salted pork strips and served in a sea of vinegar and spices
Crispy Pata -
deep fried boiled pork hocks served with spicy vinegar and soy sauce
Sisig -
Chopped boiled and grilled pork ears and belly, cooked with chicken liver and spices and served on a hot plate
back to top Beef Entrees
Kare-Kare -
Stewed ox tail in peanut butter sauce and shrimp paste, mixed with vegetables
Caldereta -
Sauteed beef in a peanut tomato sauce, mixed with spices
Bistik -
Pan fried and marinated in lemon juice and soy sauce beef strips sauteed with onion slices and served on a hot plate
back to top Fish
Fried Tilapia -
Pan fried Tilapia seasoned with salt
Kinilaw -
Fresh cubed salmon served with vinegar sauce topped with chili, onion, ginger and tomato
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Okoy -
Pan fried bean sprouts with topped shrimp, tofu, and carrots
3 for $6.99
Fresh Lumpia -
sauteed mixed vegetables with shrimp wrapped on fresh crepe, topped with fried garlic and sweet garlic sauce
3 for $6.99
Pinakbet -
Mixed asian vegetables cooked with meat and shrimp paste
Ginataang Langka -
Chopped young jackfruit and pork slices cooked in coconut milk and ginger sauce
Laing -
Taro leaves mixed with pork slices and shrimp, cooked with coconut milk and chili
Soup -
back to top Soup (No Noodles)
Beef Sinigang -
Brisket cooked with tamarind soup, mixed with vegetables
Sugpo -
Giant tiger prawn cooked with tamarind soup, mixed with vegetbables
Arrozcaldo -
Chicken rice congee seasoned with onion, ginger and garlic
back to top Dessert
Buko Pandan -
Shredded young coconut and diced green jello, mixed with cream and sweet milk and a dash of shredded cheese
Cassava Cake -
Grated cassava baked with coconut milk and sugar
Biko -
Steamed sweet rice cooked with coconut milk and sugar
Leche Flan -
Egg custard topped with soft caramel sauce
back to top All-Day Breakfast [Comes with choice of coffee, tea or salabat (ginger tea)]
TapSilog -
Pan fried cured beef slices with garlic rice and egg
ToSilog -
Cured sweet slices of pork with garlic rice and egg
LoSilog -
Sweet and spicy filipino style sausage with garlic rice and egg
DaSilog -
Pan fried marinated boneless baby milk fish with garlic rice and egg
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